Storm Doris

My experience at "Ynys Goch" - and my first blog using Jimdo!

I drove down to the beach (Eilain Bay) - but could not get to Point Lynas as there was a tree down across the road. The scene was dramatic - I took a short video - until the memory was full!! Wrong moment for a full memory! What I did film I must publish next. I'm sorry Jane was away this day - she was trying to get home but all trains from the Midlands had been cancelled! I think this was the worst storm I've seen at Ynys Goch in over 30 years!

More Photos

Mobile phone photos really don't do it justice but the scene from the drive was dramatic - as it was from every view point really!


I was awoken by the sound of what I thought was an external door blowing open - and letting "Doris" into the house! I shot downstairs to hear a roaring sound from the kitchen and fumes entering the hall! Then I found that the boiler flue pipe (see photo) had been dislodged by an 'explosion' within the boiler chamber! Quick shutdown & anything more serious averted!  We had some damage to various garden items too - but nothing too serious.

Back to basics

Power was OFF for about 30 hours and with no heating it was back to basics and the coal fire and candles. Very cosy and a great reminder of gadget free life 50 years ago!

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