03. May 2018
How we comply with the new GDPR's here at "Holiday at Ynys Goch". We will be requesting positive consent from guests sent out as an e mail or by hard copy when we meet with them. Our hard copy version is shown in the Blog.
13. April 2018
Thanks to my son Tim the driveway to the Cottage is once again visible!
23. February 2017
I drove down to the beach (Eilain Bay) - but could not get to Point Lynas as there was a tree down across the road. The scene was dramatic - I took a short video - until the memory was full!! Wrong moment for a full memory! What I did film I must publish next. I'm sorry Jane was away this day - she was trying to get home but all trains from the Midlands had been cancelled! I think this was the worst storm I've seen at Ynys Goch in over 30 years!