IMPORTANT – A message from Dave & Jane (Holiday @ Ynys Goch) about CORONAVIRUS.


1.      It is your decision whether to travel for your holiday bearing in mind the Government’s advice. During your stay we expect you to follow ALL the current Government/Medical advice that helps to reduce the spread of this disease. The Local community also expects this necessary compliance too which is understandable.


2.      If you decide to cancel or postpone then we will first try to re-allocate a date later this year or for next year? We will refund as appropriate.


3.      If you decide to continue with your holiday then obviously make sure you do not have any of the symptoms of this virus before setting off!


4.      Bring a good stock of food, anti-bacterial wipes, hand sanitiser, soap, fuel for the car etc.


5.      Be prepared for local facilities to be shut or low on stocks.


6.      If you develop any of the virus symptoms during your holiday then we advise you to leave and return ‘home’ if possible where you have the network etc to help you better manage the illness. After all, there’s nowhere like home when you are feeling ill.


7.      In the unlikely event that somebody does develop this illness during their stay then we would consider closing the Cottage or Caravan for the following week – with the obvious effect on the next set of guests.


8.      If possible we would ask guests to let us know if they develop any symptoms immediately after their return from their holiday with us so that we can act accordingly & review any further actions required.


9.      If you still decide to come then Jane and I will minimise our social interaction with you sadly – but hopefully not in the open spaces of the garden! We will be sensible & responsible for once!


10.   If anybody can advise us of any other precautions/guidelines then please comment below.


11.   We, like everybody else in this period, have to find the right balance whilst always erring on the side of helping to reduce the spread of this awful disease.

We look forward to hearing from you and hopefully still seeing you this year - Jane & Dave xx


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