Covid-19 Statement July 2020

Holiday @ Ynys Goch – return of guests after Covid-19 Restrictions.

Jane and I are both looking forward to welcoming you back to the Cottage and Caravan here at Ynys Goch on Anglesey. By waiting until this w/e (11/7/20) to re-open we are of course complying with the Welsh Government’s recent statements on Business re-opening.

To ensure your safety (and ours) we are also complying with the extra cleaning requirements and obviously expecting everyone to abide by the now familiar ‘lockdown rules’ necessary to minimise the risk of you catching Covid-19 during your stay.

I list below the measures required to minimise this risk:-

1. Covid-19 specified deep cleaning will take place after guests leave. To achieve this we request guests leave on time and arrive 2 hours later than normal – all to give us maximum time to complete this essential process. In some cases we have also managed to establish Quarantine breaks of 3 days between guests which again reduces the risk particularly to ourselves carrying out the clean.

2. During your stay you must stick to the 2m social distancing rule and only meet other guests or ourselves in the outside areas which will include the bar terrace.

3. The Bar will be open when the weather allows guests to sit outside. We ask you to bring your own drinks & glasses plus alcohol based sanitiser and maintain the 2m distancing as appropriate. Where possible we also ask you to use your own WC in the cottage or caravan.

4. We will contact you the day before your arrival to confirm that you do not have symptoms of Covid-19 .

5. If you develop symptoms of Covid-19 during your stay then our first preference will be for you to return home as soon as possible assuming there is a suitable driver available.

6. If you develop symptoms when after you have returned home then please contact us so that we can take the appropriate measures.

7. This is a sensitive time for many – and in particular for any local community suddenly receiving many more people into the area. For ourselves, we know most of our guests very well and are confident that you will respect the anxiety of some and act accordingly.

8. REMEMBER – it is your decision whether to come for your holiday or not. We will fully understand if you decide against and refund you accordingly. If you do come we will try and make sure it is still relaxing and enjoyable for you even in these unusual times. So to help us all “Stay Safe” keep following the now very familiar guidelines on hand cleaning etc – and use your common sense too as always.


Jane and Dave xx😉😎🍷

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